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Frequently Asked Questions: Orders and Shipping

Q) Do you accept any form of payments other than Pay Pal?
A) Yes, you can mail a check or money order. If you need to use a credit card you can purchase the lights from Cool Water Products from my links page.

Q) How long after I place my order will it ship?
A) All in stock orders usually ship the next business day if the order is in before 3pm Eastern time. Out of stock items will be noted on the order page.

Q) How much is shipping?
A) Shipping is free for all orders being shipped to the The USA including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Please ask for shipping rates to Alaska, Canada and beyond.

Q) Will I receive a conformation email when I place my order?
A) Yes, I personally send a confirmation email with every order. I will let you know when the order will ship. If you do not get an email within a day of placing the order please contact me.

Q) Will I receive a tracking number when my order ships?
A) I email tracking numbers upon request. If you want a tracking number feel free to email me and I will send you the tracking information.

Q) What shipping method do you use?
A) UPS ground for orders over $85.00. All other orders will ship USPS regular post. There is no tracking number with this shipping method, it will be delivered to your mail box.
UPS will require a signature for delivery on all orders $400.00 and over and/or if your shipping address is not "confirmed" with paypal. Please contact me if you need to change the shipping address so there will be someone to sign for the delivery.

Q) Will you ship my order USPS Priority?
A) I'm not set up for USPS shipping and I think I would rather jump in the water behind my boat with it in full reverse than take a trip to the Post Office.

Q) I need the lights right away, can you ship overnight?
A) Yes, I will ship UPS overnight but the customer will have to pay the difference between UPS ground and UPS overnight. But depending on the size of the order, I might pick up the tab.

Frequently Asked Questions: Underwater Lights, Spreader Lights and Strip Lights

Q) How long is the wire on the underwater lights?
A) I put 6 feet on every light which is usually more than enough to run in the hull and make your connections. I can make them longer on request.

Q) Is it easy to install your lights?
A) Yes, anyone with moderate experience working on boats can install these lights.

Q) How long can I expect the lights to work?
A) LED's in general last a very long time, 40,000 hours is a common life expectancy. However, in the rare event there is a failure please feel free to contact me.

Q) How bright are the spreader lights?
A) They are very bright for their size, they will give better light output than a standard 50 watt halogen.

Q) How do the strip lights get installed?
A) The strips are very flexible and end to end connectible. They come with 3M adhesive backing and will stick to any clean smooth surface.

Q) How do the underwater lights mount to the boat? Do I need to drill holes?
A) The lights mount to the transom with #6 screws. If you want to run the wire through the transom then you will need to drill a 1/4" hole through for the wire and a shallow hole for the screws.

Q) How do I seal my transom from water intrusion through the holes I drill?
A) Any quality marine grade marine sealant will work. I include instructions to help you during the installation.

Q) Do the lights come with switches, fuses or other hardware?
A) No, to keep my prices low I only sell the lights. You will need to purchase your own switches and fuses.

Q) Can I email you with questions?
A) Absolutely! I answer all emails within a couple hours Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm eastern time. I often answer emails on the weekends and late at night as well.

If you have any questions, just email me at:

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